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Aguas Blancas – nude beach at Ibiza

Aguas blancas beach, oficially in ibicenco language «Aigües blanques» (literally white waters) is one of the beaches oficially declared as a nude beach in Ibiza.

Its curious name is due because Aguas Blancas is located in an open area, exposed to strong winds. In addition, the beach has a low slope into the sea, so you have to walk several meters inside the Mediterranean to get water until your neck. All of this provokes that it is usual to find big waves in Aguas Blancas so Sea Foam arrives until the coast. That’s way the beach is known as «white waters

Aguas blancas nude beach

Aguas blancas nude beach is just under a small rocky cliff. There is no danger at all, but the sun may hide behind the cliff in the afternoon, so we advice you to go early so you will not miss the sun hours.

How to get to Aguas Blancas?

To get to Aguas Blancas nude beach, you have to go to town of San Carlos, passing in front of Ca Na Aneta Bar (obligatory stop to taste the tradicional liqueur «hierbas ibicencas». After the bar, turn left at a moderate speed, the road is narrow and curvy, and pay atenttion to find the Aigües blanques» just a few meters after San Carlos. The same road also goes to Cala San Vicente, but you will find before another «Aigües blanques» sign to the right. In peak season it’s difficult to fin a place to park your car, but there is a parking that costs 3€ for all day. There is a hard slope way to descend to Aguas Blancas (well, is not that hard, you can walk it easily) but it will be a hard way back when you want to get to the car again, so be sure you don’t forget anything in the car. Once you are in the beach, at the end of the left side of the beach you will find the hidden nude beach area of Aguas Blancas.

Aguas Blancas nude beach

Nudism is a very common activity in Ibiza during the summer. You can find naked people in almost all beaches, but Aguas Blancas is one the small group of Ibiza official nude beaches.

You can practice nudism or not, of course, but just be respectful with people that do. Nude sunbathing is a very common practice in Spain, specially in Ibiza and Formentera. And remember that during the afternoon the shade may cover you because of the cliff that is over the beach.

If you want a good advice, try to wake up and go as soon as posible to Aguas Blancas (if you go very soon you will be able to see the sunrise from the sea) and you will fin a paradise beach. If you are embarrased of practising nudism, you will be alone and you will discover benefits from nude sunbathing.