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The beach of San Antonio: S’Arenal

S’Arenal is the beach of the town in San Antonio. Is a very popular place, because it is so close to many hotels and accommodation places, that lots of people sunbathe there every day during the summer.

In fact, if you are going to stay in San Antonio and you visit this beach, you will feel like if you weren’t in Spain, because most of people you will see there will be foreign tourists, specially british, american, german or italian. That’s why S’Arenal in San Antonio is one the favourite places for girls and boys to flirt in Ibiza.

S'Arenal, San Antonio beach at Ibiza

Moreover, S’Arenal is the last stop of a crazy party night in San Antonio, because the famous Edén and Es Paradís clubs, are just 50 meters far from the beach. Leaving the nightclub and going ahead to have a bath in the beach is a common tradition in San Antonio Bay. Other nights, coupples that have met in the club usually go to the beach and temperatura elevates som degrees there…

Probably because S’Arenal is situated inside a town, isn’t one of the best beaches of Ibiza, although is a good option to have a bath next to your hotel. In fact, having this urban beach becomes San Antonio in one of the favourite places to stay in Ibiza.

If you guess where is the beach of San Antonio, S’Arenal, it’s imposible that you get lost. Just go to San Antonio, and turn left when you arrive to the «Giant Egg Roundabout», you will see inmediately the beach. In addition to famous clubs like Eden and Es Paradis, near this beach you will find bars, restaurants and lots of hotels, generally with a good relationship between quality and price.