10 things to do in Ibiza

There are so many things that can only be done in Ibiza. So many, that probably you will not have time enough to do them during your holydays, but you should do some of them if you really want to make the most of your time in the island. So do not miss the essential of Ibiza.

We have prepared a list for you of 10 things to do in Ibiza.

Visiting Dalt Vila

The old and walled town of Dalt Vila should be visited for every single tourist. You will enjoy walking by its cobbled streets surrounded by its great and amazing walls.

ibiza medieval
Dalt Vila Walls are World Heritage by Unesco

So, once you are walking around the old town, you should get to the very top and visit Ibiza’s Cathedral, and on the way up you could see one of its lookouts, Ibiza’s City Hall and a variety of beautiful and historic buildings.
However, during the summer time, depending on what time of the day you are choosing to make the visit, it can be really hot, so plan the visit carefully and always bring some water with you. Night time is also a special moment to enjoy the visit, the old town illuminated is just beautiful.

At Plaza de Vila, there are some really fancy restaurants, and just underneath we can visit Ibiza’s port which there are so many bars and pubs to start the night in if you are planning a proper night out or just for a few drinks.
There are guided tours around Dalt Vila in different languages. Besides Ibiza’s Cathedral there is a Tourist Information Office where you can get some information about it.

When occurs in Ibiza that you find yourself during your holidays on a rainy or cloudy day, most of the people decide to visit the Old Town, thing that probably will not do it if the day would be sunny because they just go to the beach, but even if that is the cause to visit it, the tourists realize once they have walk around this historic city, that it is a place worth to visit.

Magic Es Vedrà

The islet of Es Vedrà is, probably, the most famous sceneray of the island. It heights almost 400 meters which are quite vertical. It is known by being a magic place and it is loved and admires by tourists as much as by locals who from time to time visit it to enjoy its wonderful beauty and be surrounded by its energy.

islote de es vedrà
Es Vedrà is one the symbols of Ibiza.

All the area where Es Vedrà is located is worth a visit; it is surrounded by tall pine forests and the small and close to the beautiful town of Es Cubells, with its picturesque white church facing the sea and the cliffs.
Also, Cala d´Hort beach is the one where you can see Es Vedrà just right in front of you, plus there are a couple of good restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious paella or local fish if preferred.

Swimming on the beach

Obviously, one of the main reasons to visit Ibiza is going to the beach and swim on their beautiful beaches and its clear waters. Ibiza beaches are one of the best ones in the Mediterranean sea and some of them are on the top lists of the best ones in the world.

No words needed.

Also, the variety of it beaches provide you different type of activities.
Diving is a great option, thanks to the Posidonea (plant which oxygens the sea and makes the water be that clear) we can dive and have a great visibility. Also, snorkeling. During the summer time, there are different sport competitions which includes swimming, like triathlons, duathlons or just swimming races. There are a few nice spots where you can also do some cliff jumping, ask locals or be sure before jumping if it is a save place to do it.

Visit Formentera

It is paradoxical, but one of the best things you can do in Ibiza is to leave the island, but the reason is to visit an even better one. Formentera is just a wonderful island which has no airport and the only way to visit is by ferry. There are to places to take the ferry from: Ibiza´s port or Playa d´en Bossa (from the very beginning of the beach).

illetes formentera
Ses Illetes is one of the world bes beaches. Astonishing.

Even though, Formentera deserves an in-depth visit during a few days, you can have a first contact with a one day trip. If you are planning to visit Formentera we offer you discounts on the ferry so you can pay the cheapest rate.
As a curiosity, there is not a single traffic light on the island. Formentera´s surface is 83,24 km2 and its population during the winter is around 12.000 people.
Formentera, an unforgettable place. Visit it, you will not regret it.

Sail around Ibiza island

The ferry is not the only way to visit Formentera; there are plenty of companies which let you rent different types of boats with or without skipper, so you can enjoy a great day out sailing with your partner/family/friends whilst visiting S`Espalmador (small island above Formentera), Las Salinas or wherever your favourite beach or spot is.
There are different rates depending on the boat and number of people allowed on it but it can be cheaper than expected for enjoying such a wonderful experience.

barco ibiza
Do you fancy sailing in on of these? Is cheaper than you imagine.

What to say about the night life in Ibiza. Ibiza is one of the most famous islands of the world and the Club scene is one of the reasons. There are night clubs and beach clubs with a vast variety of music and DJs.

mesas vip discotecas de ibiza
Not a bad place to have fun

Every day, the Clubs change their appearance and decor that matches with their daily musical party.
It can be hard to choose what club to go. Check our Party Calendar to choose where and where to party. Also, if you would like to enjoy a night out in an exclusive sport, here you can book a VIP table in the best Ibiza Clubs.

Enjoy the Sunset

Between a day on the beach and a night out, there is something that cannot be missed, the sunset.
In all the west side of the island the sunset is visible, and for so many people is something magical, even spiritual.
In Ibiza, when the sun and the sea melt together, it offers us a great transformation of the tonalities of the sky and the sea, thanks to the special light that we have in this part of the Mediterranean and also because normally we have a blue sky with no clouds.


Surrounded by sea, everyone can choose their favourite spot to enjoy the sunset. In San Antonio bay, there are a few famous bars because of the sunset time, music, DJs, big terraces, some of them well known like for example Café del Mar or Mambo.
Sunset in Ibiza can be admired from so many nice spots in the west coast. It is such an experience to see how time pass whilst the sun is fusing and melting with the sea meanwhile the sky is changing its tonality, from blue, orange, pink, violet until it disappears into the water; a magic moment for so many.

Sunset in Ibiza can be enjoyed all year long whenever there will be no clouds. If you are on holidays, you should enjoy, at least, one sunset during your stay, however, sometimes because of the “calima” effect due to high temperatures, it makes that we can not contemplate a total clear sunset. Best days to enjoy the sunset are not windy day or days after rain so that clears the atmosphere and makes the sky clean and bright.

There are so many beaches and spots to enjoy on the most pictured moment of the Ibiza visitants. Every sunset is different and there are so many magic places from where to enjoy this special moment. In the following map, you can have a look of the best spots to see the sunset in Ibiza.

Drum party in Benirràs during the sunset is worth a visit, you can find them pretty much every Sunday during the summer time.

Mud bath

A very interesting thing to do in Ibiza is to have a mud bath in a beach in Ibiza or Formentera. It is not a very common thing and there is not a lot of information about where to have a natural mud bath.

baños de barro
Nude bodies covered with mud.

It is a free activity because you can do it in some beaches in Ibiza and it is good fun plus very healthy for our skin.

Dancing at the drum party in Benirràs

Benirràs is worth a visit just because of the joy of it, but if you are visiting on a drum party day it is one of the most authentic things that you can see in Ibiza that remains from the hippies time in the island.
fiesta tambores benirràs ibiza

It all began as an spontaneous thing by a group of hippies that they meet up in this magic place thanks to the light that this place has, but nowadays it has become an event that most people do not want to miss and it has made Benirràs a very popular beach and essential visit.

The hippies legacy in Ibiza can still be seen in the island as we have some hippie markets around the island to visit. It is difficult to say if there is any of the hippies who arrived here in the 60s on the markets, but anyway, it is a good option for a day out, nice walk, buy something nice and enjoy a few cold Spanish beers.

cala llenya mercadillo ibiza
Hippy markets: handcraft, some bargains and fun.

Also, in some markets there is live music, local bars and good good restaurants nearby. Some of the bands are quite good, really good energy plus or just a few guys playing drumms; so it is time to grab a beer and enjoy some music under the sun.
It is a proper place to buy your souvenirs from the island, in some craft shops their products are unique and handmade, so it is a good opportunity to get something original.

Don’t worry if don’t have time enough to do all this stuff. You will have a good reason to come back to Ibiza!