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Cafe del Mar

A place that has become legend. Café del Mar offers one of the Ibiza’s most historic sunsets. For over 25 years, this seaside bar in San Antonio, serves drinks with very special views.

While the sun is melting into the sea, from Café del Mar comes the relaxing music and totally in tune with the show that nature is offering. In fact, Café del Mar is one of the leading global chill-out music. Each year, Café del Mar album is at the top of the record sales of chill out, probably because it reminds sunset you can live in Ibiza. Puesta de sol en Cafe del Mar

How to go to Cafe del Mar?

Situated in San Antonio strip, in the east of Ibiza, Cafe del Mar receives thousands of people every summer evening to watch the sunset. The only drawback of Café del Mar is the price of the drinks, they seem to be quite expensive. Furthermore, there is no place for everyone in the terrace, so many people choose to see the sunset by the sea listening Café del Mar rhythms with a beer bought in a nearby local. Another unforgettable images of Café del Mar is watching the brave who practice parasailing, an experience that is hooked to a parasail boat.

Cafe del Mar is located at the San Antonio strip, where you can find come other well-known places like Café Mambo or Buddha Bar. We are sure you will enjoy them!