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Café Mambo – Ibiza

In the San Antonio strip, you can find some of the most beautiful seaside bars in Europe, and maybe in the world. Much of their beauty is that they are just touching the sea with their big terrace and from where you can see a spectacular sunset.

The funniest bar in San Antonio strip is Cafe Mambo: they know which music will make you dance! Maybe that’s why Cafe Mambo has received so many Dj stars and celebrities. Just next to Cafe Mambo there’s another well-known bar, Cafe del Mar, with chill out music and a relaxing mood.

cafe mambo
Cafe Mambo at Ibiza

Maybe the only inconvenient of Cafe Mambo is the price of drinks. But it’s worthy to stay here to enjoy sunset, sea and good music with really good DJ’s, some of them playing in Ibiza clubs.

How to go to Cafe Mambo?

Situated in San Antonio strip, in the east of Ibiza, Cafe Mambo receives thousands of people every summer evening to watch the sunset. Maybe the bar and the terrace will be too much crowded, but there is no problem as you can stay at the rocks near the Mediterranean Sea, just in front of Cafe Mambo.

DJ legends like David Guetta and Bob Sinclair have played here, and celebrities like Paris Hilton or Andy Carrol have been to Cafe Mambo to enjoy the beautiful sunset and for dancing.