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Ibiza Beaches

The island of Ibiza is situated in a low latitude within the framework of the Mediterranean Sea. The coast of Ibiza is very irregular so we can find in its 210 kilometers beautiful sandy beaches, lovely coves, stunning cliffs, beaches of boulders and some inaccessible and secret coves.

In Ibiza we can find beaches and coves of different types, because erosion and terrain have created different landscapes. But generally, the most common and comfortable beaches we will find will be sandy. Moreover, if you can get early to the beach (arriving before 9.00 is enough) you will discover amazing virgin beaches of blue, as if they were secret beaches.

blue water ibiza beach

As we have said, Ibiza has a coastline totaling 210 kilometers, being an island has an area of only 570 km ². This allows us to enjoy any island beach comfortably as far barely an hour between the furthermost points of Ibiza.

So if you want to do beach tourism and unwind, Ibiza is your destiny. And if yo love adventure, we invite you to discover the small secret coves of Ibiza, where barely fit twenty people and you will feel truly free.