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Benirras beach

Benirràs is one of the most famous beaches of Ibiza, and it has many charms that make this beach a place you must visit with a wonderful natural environment, clean water, a spectacular sunset and a warm authentic hippie in Ibiza, with the known drums party.

The beach is a small cove between two small hills of pine forest, a spectacular natural setting. But if the environment remains as beautiful beach, it is nevertheless the seabed. On either side of the beach, there are many areas that will delight those who like to go diving on the beaches of Ibiza. Do not forget your goggles when you go to Benirràs!.

Playa de Benirràs

Benirràs is not an extremely large beach compared to other beaches on the island, but the magic of the place and the sunsets makes that many people go to this beach in summer. That’s why we recommend that if you want to see the sunset, go to Benirràs long before: the beach fills even becomes very difficult to park your car.

How to get to Benirràs?

To reach the beach of Benirràs, turn right just before reaching San Miguel. After a road that winds through mountains and valleys of green forests come to Benirràs. It is one of the beaches at the northern part of the island of Ibiza. Please note that on Sunday afternoon, the parking lot is often full due to the number of people who want to see the sunset and enjoy the party hippie Benirràs drums.

Benirràs sunset

If anything has made Benirràs a beach is known worldwide thanks to its sunset. All are magical sunsets on the island of Ibiza, but there is special hippie atmosphere in Benirràs that does not live anywhere else on the island.

On the beach there is a popular snack bar because its the hippie atmosphere. Every evening spontaneously, although the most popular day is Sunday, typically meet a good number of hippies with their drums, what is known as la fiesta de los tambores de Benirràs (Benirras drum festival).

Fiesta de los tambores en Benirras

Hippies, swimmers, and curious tourists swirling around hippies with their drums just stop to enjoy the music and watching the sun melting into the sea, under a violet sky. In addition, the islet of Benirràs seems an iceberg in summer. A curious rock rises above the sea many feet above the water and is the target of hundreds of photos to this postcard.

Without doubt, the Benirras sunset in Ibiza is «a must» in your your holidays in Ibiza. If you can choose where you try to view the sunset in Benirràs, and if you can choose when, try in Sunday drum festival: authentic hippie atmosphere in Ibiza.