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Cala Comte – Ibiza beach

Cala Comte is an incredible cove, the most beautiful of Ibiza, where you will fall in love at first sight.

Upon reaching the beach, go to the bar that is just at the top of a little cliff from where you will have a spectacular view of Cala Comte: it’s a cape with beach out to both sides, and the imposing island opposite Illa des Bosc. Take your camera because you will want something to remember once you are here. On the left, some small islets dotting the horizon, and between them the sun will sink offering a beautiful sunset. Cala Comte is known for having be the best sunsets in Ibiza and surely the Mediterranean.

Cala Comte

Cala Comte consists of several stretches of beach, that’s why its official name is Platges d’En Comte (Beaches of Comte), in plural, because Cala Comte hides more than a beach, but are so close together that they can consider all of them as the same one . Although most of these bays are separated by natural geographic accident, there is also a beach bar right on the edge of Cala Comte, offering great panoramic views of the whole area. We recommend you to have a drink or food there while enjoying this natural place.

How to get to Cala Comte?

To go to Cala Comte, you can go from San Antonio or the Bay of San Antonio to Cala Tarida forwarding, Cala Bassa and Cala Comte logically. If you go from Ibiza, the quickest way is to go to San Jose and go ahead until youl find the same detour. Cala Comte is usually a very crowded beach, but usually no problem finding car parking.

Cala Comte sunset

Cala Comte has clean water, spectacular views and, as we said before, the best sunset of Ibiza. Although Cala Comte is made up of different beaches, only from one of them you can see the sunset. However there is usually no problem, because you can see it from different areas. You can see the sunset sitting on the small cliff, lying ont he sand or from the beach bar drinking a mojito, although it is difficult to find a place, many people wait for hours at the table not to miss the sunset.

Puesta de sol en Cala Comte

In addition there are various levels in the sandy beach of Cala Comte because there are rock two floors, or two levels, at the rock. Cala Comte light, the sun and the sea will make the rest to live a magical sunset.