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Cala Gració – Ibiza Beach

Cala Gració is a small cove located in a privileged place: San Antonio. It’s close enough that you can go taking a quiet walk, but far enough away from the hustle of the town to find a place to rest quietly relaxing.

The characteristics of this cove make it an ideal holiday destination with family and children. Cala Gració is situated in an enclosed bay, protected from winds and currents and with a gentle slope into the sea, so there is a large space where children can play and have fun.

Cala Gració, Ibiza

Cala Gració environment is preserved in a very natural state. Although the surroundings there are many hotels to stay to have a quiet holiday, none is sufficiently close to the cove as to prevent us from enjoying the landscape of pines and nature surrounding of Cala Gració. Moreover, clear and calm water invites diving.

If we want to discover a little corner where relax solo, we recommend following a path along the coast to the right of Cala Gracio. We come to a small cove of the same characteristics as the previous one, called Cala Gracioneta (means small Cala Gració) where we will find less people and more relax.

How to get to Cala Gració?

Cala Gracio is north of San Antonio, just two kilometers from the town. There is a regular bus service but you can also get there on foot. In just fifteen minutes, a short walk, from San Antonio you can get to Cala Gració.

Cala Gració is an important point for everyone who would like to stay in this area. There are a few hotels in Cala Gració with good prices and, as we have said, ideal for family holidays, as this area is very quiet.

Definitely, Cala Gració is a great choice to spend a day at the beach, relax and vacation.